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VIP Services Director

I’m very pleased we have him. Indefinable quality is exactly that, and I appreciate it is impossible to measure. Thanks for all your help – I know we haven’t made this easy!

Managing Director, Independent Betting & Online Gambling Organisation


A World Leading independent betting & online gambling organisation.


A Professional with existing sports industry exposure and connections to recreate the mould for VIP loyalty and service within the betting and gaming arena. The desired candidate was also required to be capable of leading a team of industry experts into a new sphere of global performance.


After a 12 month search and more than 20 interviews, this heritage brand came to the conclusion they were looking for something which did not currently exist within their own industry. However, recruiting from outside the industry presented an element of risk and thus required thorough recruitment skills in identifying the right blend of personal attributes, management ability, commercial expertise and analytical mindset.


Hawker Chase was retained for a fresh approach and to reinvigorate a stale search process, providing fresh thoughts on locating a suitable candidate pool. Using a blended search methodology to cover a broader industry remit, Hawker Chase presented two shortlists to narrow down the skills priority and assist the decision making process of the four Board Level Stakeholders involved in the selection process.

The successful identification and offer of a former professional sports profile with a commercial track record in the sports sponsorship arena and considerable corporate & sporting connections. The successful candidate also possessed extensive team management ability and a commercial and analytical mindset that perfectly met the requirements of the Board.



  • The successful completion of an assignment within 12 weeks which had previously remained open for a period of 12 months
  • The successful identification of a complex blend of contradictory personal and commercial skills, which it was felt at the outset of the brief, “may not even exist”.
  • The attraction of a recognised sports industry name adding commercial media interest
  • The addition of a key board member with skills that add value to future business plans