Hawker Chase is a leading Executive Search and Human Capital Consultancy  focusing on the Cyber, Defence, and Security markets, sectors that demand a depth of knowledge, established networks, specialist research and intelligence. With over twenty years’ experience, we offer our clients access and insight in their specific markets to aid successful hiring into senior executive and non-executive positions, with a track record of success in UK, Europe, MENA and Asia and in the US.

Rather than just offer our clients a vanilla search product, we look to build partnerships providing complete market access to dynamic and challenging industries and sectors also effecting individual and corporate introductions for partnerships, JVs and potential acquisitions. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and strategic offering rather than a reactive service offered by traditional search firms.


We work closely with clients on senior executive and non-executive appointments, supporting single hires, succession planning, teams, change management, growth strategies and business introductions across cyber, defence, engineering and manufacturing.



Executive search is at the core of everything we do. We have a strong track record, working in partnership with our clients, building a comprehensive understanding of their corporate culture and strategic objectives.

Our methodologies are not prescriptive and we tailor the approach to suit each client’s needs. From full market intelligence and research or straight to a focused shortlist dependent on individual needs, speed and requirement of each client.

Our extensive networks and sector knowledge give us the reach and access to bring the best talent to your business. As specialists we are known within our market segments accessing both your competitors and clients to source the best talent.


Search is by its nature reactive and lengthy. Therefore Hawker Chase offer clients a more strategic approach to succession planning, working with you to identify critical positions within your business and pipelining both internal and external candidates to ensure continuity and avoid lengthy gaps.

We produce detailed job descriptions by interviewing and assessing incumbents. We then work with you to build a ‘live’ shortlist, both internal and external, against each position, benchmarking your internal talent to the market. Quarterly reports are generated and updated with suitable candidates and informal approaches are made, building the relationship and softly marketing your brand, underpinned by informal industry events and gatherings, ensuring that you have a strategic rather than reactive approach to ensuring continuity within your senior team.


In the execution of our day to day business we often come across interesting individuals and smaller companies that can complement our existing client’s activities.  Where this occurs we can effect corporate and personal introductions which often result in JVs or even acquisitions. With a strong ‘City’ network we also have access to investors within the VC, PE and Direct investment market for interesting technologies and IP.


Hawker Chase have access to senior individuals with a wealth of experience gained in Industry, the Military and Government. This can add significant value to your business on an advisory or Non-executive basis bringing corporate, strategic, product or customer experience you your business.  Where a breadth of experience and skills are required we can build a senior talent pool of skills and experience for a business to draw on, allowing your business a flexible resource in order to scale to meet demand and expertise.

Interim Executives are key in order to provide businesses the ability to scale up whether it is to add specific technical or program expertise or to augment existing teams for specific tasks in areas such as bid writing, strategic reviews, turn around, we have a talent pool of highly qualified individuals.


Corporate & Market Intelligence underpins everything we do. Combining detailed mapping with analysis and context we ensure our clients are equipped to make informed decisions, with competitor analysis, market entry, product, client and geographic intelligence.


We offer clients executive coaching and assessment services through our partner Pelham Street either as a standalone service or in conjunction with our executive search process. Pelham Street develops trusted relationships with senior leaders providing objective independent advice and counsel, designed to support Leaders, assessing final candidates and providing ‘integration  coaching’ post hire.


Each week we compile a digest of the key stories that effect our core industry groups.  There are many news letters that have a US focus so we try to concentrate on stories that have relevance to our geographic region or are of strategic importance. Click here to view our latest news or download / subscribe to our newsletters below.


We understand that to add true value to our clients we have to provide more than an Executive search, embedding ourselves in our target market place, helping to promote talent and provoke debate. We build communities, bringing together professionals at all levels to allow the continued education, access and opportunities for all levels from apprentice to future leaders in order to fully serve and understand the markets in which we operate. 


Hawker Chase run a number of networking groups and initiatives. We bring market leaders together to share and provoke thoughts and conversation around specific industry issues, producing white papers to further promote debate. These events are aimed at Executive and non-Executive leaderships as well as HR Directors and industry specialists to understand the strategic and tactical pressures within the industries.  Recent speakers include leaders in the investment banking market to give an overview of the City’s view on the Defence market and a global leader in cyber innovation to bring a commercial view of current innovation.


Hawker Chase are committed to working with our clients to find and develop future talent rather than just filling positions on a reactive basis. That’s why we are developing the HC Future Leaders forum. This is designed to identify and develop talent that is currently in ‘line’ positions and prepare them for management by bringing them together on a regular basis to hear from industry leaders, Head hunters and coaches with the aim of preparing them to make a successful transition into management.

For further details contact Simon Vaughan-Edwards at sve@hawkerchase.com



Given the unprecedented growth in the cyber market there is a perceived lack of talent across the industry leading to inflated compensation effecting margins across the industry. Hawker Chase have developed a cyber academy concept, running rigorous assessment of individuals with a basic technical knowledge and working with a cyber trainer, produce fully qualified cyber professionals. So far we have focused on ex-military and have also looked to tackle the diversity problems within the industry with a ‘women in cyber’ conversion course.   An overview of our successful Military conversion course can be found at our knowledge page.

For further details contact Simon Vaughan-Edwards at sve@hawkerchase.com



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