The real costs from cyber crime range from stolen funds and damaged systems to regulatory fines, legal damages and financial compensation for affected parties. However the actual damages run deeper with longer term consequences including the loss of competitive advantage, damaged trust and reputation. Cyber strategy is in itself holistic and behavioral with ultimate responsibility resting with the Board, given the open ended nature of the risk. With the emerging consequences of a breech ranging from real legislation, legal action and a lack of significant insurance cover the risks to the corporate and Government are growing, putting significant pressure on a market already constrained by a lack of human capital in both leadership and technical skills.

Hawker Chase are one of a very few true specialist cyber search firms. With a broad network that reaches into industry, consultancy, corporates and banks as well as agencies and the military, we are able to access the leading talent in this rapidly growing sector, covering all elements from business leaders to advisory, consultants and technical specialists.


As budgets for defence spending come under greater pressure, many companies are looking for opportunities to ensure stability of revenue, either by establishing a stronger presence in new markets or by adapting their current products and service lines into complimentary industry sectors.

Hawker Chase have an extensive track record of delivering senior executive talent into industry and consultancy and public sector, based on a deep understanding of the Defence and security industries, the Armed Forces and MOD. Our links into wider industry allow us to bring not only the directly relevant talent but also to provide lateral ideas to bring fresh perspective.

This requires leadership with vision at all levels and technical expertise that can cope with change and is constantly looking to evolve and drive the business forward. With significant expertise in these sectors Hawker Chase is positioned to help clients shape their business at the senior level, providing talent that is capable meeting this challenge in an evolving market place.


Engineering plays a critical role in the UK and European economies, providing large-scale employment to nearly one in five people, while also providing answers to significant global challenges. However, the industry and engineering enterprises have changed significantly over the last decade and that trend is predicted to continue apace. From the design process to customer requirements, through to cost and supply chain management, the demands placed on engineering businesses will increase.

Coupled with these demands, identifying leaders to manage increased agility, an aging management demographic and skills gaps driven by developments in AI and technology, is challenging.

HawkerChase is highly engaged with the engineering community and can give you unrivalled access to the best leadership in industry. We work and engage with potential candidates on a daily basis across multiple platforms to help harvest the best passive talent in the market.


Around a fifth of all engineers in EMEA work in a manufacturing enterprise, covering aerospace, automotive, chemical, textile, machinery and equipment companies. And steering these companies is a new breed of leaders; better educated, more dynamic and driven than ever before.

As the industry changes with the introduction of SMART factories, intelligent data and artificial intelligence, the need for capable and successful leaders intensifies. At HawkerChase we understand what good leaders look like, know how to attract them and use the right tools to predict their success in your business.